Founder & Creative Director

The Ant Studio

Architect Juhi Agrawal, Founder & Creative Director of 'The Ant Studio' believes that Architecture is not only about creating build mass but to comprehend the quality of space.

After completing her Bachelore of Architecture from Apeejay- SAP, Greater Noida, She started her professional carrer in 2009 with Abhimanyu Dalal Architects in New Delhi and worked there for two and a half years. In 2011 she went to Ahmedabad for her Master in Architecture from CEPT Unversity. After completed her post graduation in 2013, she started working as a freelance. In 2014, she joined Ahmedabad's most reputed firm 'Vastushilpa consultants' with Ar. B.V.Doshi.

After leaving Doshi's firm, she has founded "The Ant Studio". She is also an academician and started her teaching career from CEPT UNversity. Currently she is teaching as visting faculty at Sushant School of Architecture, Gurgaon.


It was when we were working in Sangath. Vastushilpa Consultants, Ahmedabad, that we felt the urge to grow with our own beliefs The belief which have the foundation deeply rooted with our life experiences of staying in small town vs big towns The question of "Why we like what we like? became the guiding factor to learn through architecture Today, with the rapid urbanization instead of walking together, many of us want to become the kings & queens! But working in Sangath taught us that we are all 'Ants' It is just that we need to accept it and learn from it to grow together The experience of working with Doshi has taught us many facets of architecture in which one of the most important one is to understand facets of life through We have left Sangath and started our firm 'The Ant Studio' in 2015


Our belief is to weave the project to its context and respond to fundamental concern and principal of functions, structural Integrity and human settlement Our aim is not only to design a build mass but to provide the environment to sustain in it. For us architecture is about creating spaces by understanding its qualities and inducing a character or mood to the spaces by playing with physical and non-physical parameter of individual space. Our phenomenology of design consider traditional methods of using local materials & techniques of the place along with experimentation with new methods. Weaving the project in India to its India roots is one of the approach we consider in our designs.