Our experince counts from working on various scales of projects such as Instituions, Housing, Helthcare, etc to research oriented projects. Working as a team member on projects like IIM Udaipur to Premasharaya-refuge for cancer patients,Kolkata, gave us a a insight to work on similar scale projects. we have also worked on residence of various scale. Few of our projects are mentioned below:

Health Care Center at Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India

E-Clinc concept was the tool which initiated an idea of providing best of treatment facility to the rural India. Identifying activites and proposing an infrastructure.

Family House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The three story residence, in 1500sq ft plot area was designed to accommodate 7 members along with two guest bedrooms. The entire residence was lit up with natural light & natural ventilation was taken as major criteria

Interior for Safal Corporates, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Corporate office at 19 floor with beautiful view of Ahmedabad. The project is for a corporate firm, 2000 sq ft of carpet area. The main intention of the office is to have maximum penetration of light inside whole office space Dedicated office space of every employee and maximum storage space was designed.

Kiara Looro Design Competition

The idea was to create one central space which will symbolize the spirituality as one for all Bringing sky to earth, the divinity of the place will be defined. The central space will serve the people of all religion.

School in a village,Proposed ,near Bareilly, U.P, India

The idea is to create built environment for learning by using minimum walls.

Patel's Residence, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The architecture interior of the residence was designed with an artistic approach The cupboard shutters were made into paintings, we have collaborated with an artist for this project.

Business Centre, Proposed, bareilly, U.P., India

The buisness centre was designed by breaking the monotony of the spaces in corporate buildings in India. Interaction was taken as one of the important approaches to create the space.